Ever wonder how the best in your industry created such powerhouse brands? Granted there are a variety of factors that come into play when running a business but when you break apart any successful business you’ll find something remarkable: they go beyond the traditional marketing methods (placement, packaging, promotion, etc.) and do this instead:

  1. Build a strong brand personality
  2. Appeal directly (and only) to their ideal customer or client
  3. Tell meaningful stories that are worth sharing

This week I’m diving into what makes a brand memorable and the ways you can incorporate these three pillars into your strategy to uncover your own marketing sweet spot.

marketing sweet spot

The Three Pillars of A Memorable Brand

There are three key elements to consider when creating brand magic:

STORY | From the bedtime stories your mother once read to a hero’s tale such as the Odyssey, great stories create lasting impressions. Rooted in mythology, stories are the cornerstone of what makes us human. Whether you know it or not, big brands and powerful companies speak to their customers through story everyday.

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PERSONALITY | While story is a major piece in the puzzle to brand notoriety, it’s not complete without a thorough understanding and breakdown of your brand’s signature archetype – or as I like to call it, your brand’s psyche. You see, every brand has a particular energy or spirit. Kind of like how each one of us has a distinct personality. Based on Jungian psychology, brand personality appeals to a particular audience and further enhances its core story. Without identifying their personality brands can get lost in a sea of sameness or worse, never get noticed.

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PSYCHOLOGY | No longer can big brands rely on outdated marketing tactics to reach and engage new customers. Consumer psychology uses social and cognitive psychology theories to better understand a potential customer’s motivation, decision-making and persuasive brain patterns. Stepping into your customer’s head (or heart) helps build a business that creates greater impact, legacy and revenue.

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The Sweet Spot of Marketing: Combining All Three

Your business has a purpose to fulfill. It’s not just pushing products or selling services, it’s creating a change you want to see in the world. Whether that’s seeing people become more active and healthy, transforming their fears around (fill in the blank), or simply adding beauty/inspiration/love/joy into their life – your business is here to make a difference.

By combining these three pivotal brand pillars to discover your own marketing sweet spot, you thrive. And when you thrive, everyone around you does too.

So what happens when you don’t have all three?


You’ve got heart and guts, but no one will listen. Your messages will fall flat because you might not know who you’re speaking to or how to best communicate what it is you have with what your customers wants.


You’ve got the strategy and a story to tell but your brand lacks life. No energy means lack of momentum, causing limited growth and brand loyalty. Don’t be afraid to have an opinion, champion a cause or put a stake in the ground.


You’ve got a spark to share and a strategy in place but you have no way of communicating what you offer to your waiting fans. Sadly, this is the MOST common scenario but often the easiest to remedy.

Supercharge Your Marketing Plan With Story, Personality + Psychology

If you’re lacking in any area than now’s the time to ramp up your efforts! Here are my favorite ways to energize each area and find that sweet spot you crave:


  • Get clear on your conflict, characters, plot and brand theme
  • Write out an action packed synopsis of your brand story
  • Determine your tagline or re-work it to be more inspiring or actionable
  • Re-write your About Page to better connect with ideal clients
  • Get personal with stories that inspire and ignite your customers to take action


  • Learn more about brand archetypes (link) and how personas influence sales
  • Uncover your BrandMantra (link) and place it somewhere you can see it everyday
  • Remember, it’s about the value you give – not the sleazy sales pitches!


  • Consider empowerment strategies (link) instead of unethical sales tactics (link bro marketing)
  • Think like your customer instead of a business owner
  • Avoid industry jargon and use everyday language instead
  • Use analytics + data to drive better decisions
  • Speak to a niche and not the masses

Finally, remember that consumers are savvy. Authentic, ethical marketing goes a lot further than shallow strategies designed for short-term success.


It's time to stand out and make the money,
meaning and impact you know you are capable of.

Download the Brand Story Blueprint to get started with story today!

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