You know you need an MVP website, but what exactly are you testing or measuring when it goes live? 

three key metrics

For most early-stage startups, you’re testing your minimum viable product, spending time in R&D, and engaging in conversation to raise capital. That doesn’t leave much time for marketing, let alone analyzing your KPIs when you’re just getting numbers on the board.

And that’s where most early-stage founders get it wrong.

Marketing is a fundamental aspect to any startup journey, particularly leading up to Series A funding rounds. While you don’t necessarily need to run ads or have large social spends, you can use your MVP website to test early-adopter interest (which comes in handy the next time you pitch!), product/market fit, or test your messaging and brand identity. 

The Three Key Metrics You Must Monitor on Your Website 

Conversion rates 

Whether it’s a newsletter sign-up, buy now button, or contact form asking the visitor to reach out, your conversion rates matter. Conversion rates help you (and your team) understand just how interested a visitor is in your product or service, concept or idea. When a potential customer enters their email, contacts the company, or clicks through on a buy now button, it shows they are (possibly) invested in buying your MVP. 

When reading the analytics of your site or page, check to see how many clicks or form submissions you receive within a 30-day period. Track these numbers and determine if your conversion rate is strong (yay!) or needs improvement.

Bounce rates

Do visitors scroll down the page? Do they linger and read every word? If not, you’ve got a problem. A bounce rate (or how long a visitor stays on the page before closing the window/leaving) tells us a few different things. First, it tells us if the right person is visiting the page. If they don’t find value in what you are offering, they leave. Second, it tells us a lot about our messaging. Are we saying the right things at the right time? Is our message compelling? Finally, the bounce rate tells us about product to market fit. If the majority of visitors bounce after a few seconds, we’ve got major problems either related to our proposed solution or market demand. 


A slightly more advanced yet valuable metric to include as you test your messaging and product is the heatmap. Tracking user interactions on a site using heatmaps, usually through a downloadable software installed on the backend of the website, tracks a user’s journey as they navigate your website. Every movement, from scrolling to clicks, measures their experience and offers feedback to the founder and team to make improvements. A heatmap allows you to find gaps or build strategies in the UX-experience that engages and delights potential customers as they interact with your digital brand. 

While heatmaps are a great way to pivot or strengthen the user’s experience, often creating a more streamlined e-commerce experience, don’t attempt to use them on their own when designing or developing your site. Remember, they are an add-on and not a stand alone feature of your growth potential. 

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