When starting out, the most common advice is to funnel your customer through an inverted pyramid of services and offerings.

The idea is to move the masses from low paying or even free offerings to coveted, high-end programs or packages designed only for the lucky (and willing to pay) few.

The problem isn’t the pyramid – it’s what the inverted positioning says about your customer.

As they move down the funnel, they descend into the abyss of your business.

Visually, they eventually reach the bottom of the business barrel. Problem is, this same business still spends the majority of its time filling the barrel in the first place.

But what if we flipped the inverted pyramid on its head?

Instead of focusing all efforts on filling the barrel and forgetting about those who make it to the bottom, imagine our customers ascending the various levels of our business until they reach the peak fully empowered.

Which is, of course, representative of how I see businesses in the first place: serving instead of selling. Attracting instead of interrupting. Pulling instead of pushing. Niching instead of mass producing.

Oops, gotta run. Maslow’s calling.



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