Client Love

Why clients love working with us

“We have been working with Stephanie for a number of years and she has been a fantastic addition to the team. She is hard working, honest, dependable and caring. We look forward to many more years of collaboration.”

— Gabby Bernstein, NYT Bestselling Author + Self-Help Coach,

“Working with Stephanie was a complete game changer for me and my business. Prior to our work together, I was feeling a major disconnect between what I was saying and what my potential customers were hearing. Stephanie immediately dug into every aspect of my brand and offered explanations as to why this issue was happening. She helped me see how every aspect of my business was being perceived by potential customers and then she helped me revamp my entire strategy for speaking to and attracting ideal customers. As a result, I have an entirely new sales funnel and new programs to in place. I highly recommend working with Stephanie if you are wanting to create a brand that truly speaks for itself and to your ideal audience.”

— Nicole Jardim, Certified Women’s Health Coach,

“Stephanie’s commitment, knowledge and positive energy made me feel confident knowing our work was taken care of and supported from beginning to end. She was a joy to collaborate with and I highly recommend her!”

— Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author and wellness advocate

“Stephanie helped me nail my Unique Value Proposition. It’s like she was in my head and pulled out exactly the words that resonate with my beliefs and mission. My UVP is both catchy and meaningful!”


“Working with Stephanie was the support I needed to understand myself as a business owner. Having her guidance allowed me to embrace all the elements that make me special in the female entrepreneur space. It is so important for women to have other women supporting them along the way. I truly felt it was a sisterhood.”


“My work with Stephanie Jiroch got me from a place of confusion about my message and branding to clarity about exactly who my audience is, what my message is, and how to write a compelling offer. Before, every time I looked at my website my head was in my hands. Stephanie worked her magic and suggested exactly how to rearrange my content to attract clients. After I made the changes we implemented I had a surge in interest and women reaching out after seeing my website! Now, thanks to Brand Psyche, I have forged a clear path ahead for the next five years in supporting women with heavy periods and adenomyosis.”

— Sara Lopez, Certified Hormone Specialist and Adenomyosis & Endometriosis Coach

“Stephanie is an intuitive branding powerhouse! My first session with Stephanie BLEW ME AWAY! Let me back up… Being totally transparent, I was not really looking forward to “branding” work because I honestly thought it was kind of a waste of time and I needed to focus on other more important things. Boy was I wrong! LOL! The first session I got SO MUCH CLARITY on things I didn’t even realize I was confused about!”

— Marina Schroeder, Women’s Health Coach and Author of Ignite Your Inner Goddess

“I’ve been searching for years for someone who actually understands me and my needs, especially when it comes to business… Stephanie is the one! Before we started working together, my business and my message in this world were unclear and confusing. Every time we spoke, I felt more inspired, energized, powerful, seen, and understood. She has the BEST kickass business advice – especially from the feminine point-of-view – AND is shared with so much love, compassion and empathy. My business and life were truly transformed because of this woman!”

— Kayce Neil, Sales Strategist for High Performance Entrepreneurs

“Stephanie came into my life like an angel when my VA business needed a shift – I was either going to burnout or blossom, I just didn’t know which. I was still in my first year of business and doing well – booking new clients and maintaining long-term relationships – but I was stuck and unhappy. I longed for more free time, less overwhelm, and client relationships that felt easy. I had lost touch with my confidence, my fortitude, and most importantly – my value.

From our very first session, Stephanie listened to me with a soft and knowing ear. She offered me a safe space to let out my frustrations and my fears without judgement. I could feel her heart expand and her hand on my shoulder because she knew what I was going through, she’d been there. That’s what I loved most, she’d been there.

Stephanie is a kind and a dedicated listener, but she’s also so very real and speaks the truth. Sometimes the hard truth. She gave me tough love when I was wavering. She gave me permission to say NO. She reminded me of my intrinsic value and helped me translate that into actual dollar signs (oh my goodness, that was hard)!

Our sessions covered both my own personal development (how I show up in life and my business) and the nitty gritty details, and Stephanie weaved them together with ease. From getting a rock solid contract and dealing with difficult clients to setting my ideal schedule and developing new services – she asked the right questions to lead me in the direction that I wanted to go – not the one she thought I should go. It was clear that this was my journey and she was my guide, offering me her invaluable insight and standing alongside me and cheering me on as I made each step.

Stephanie’s coaching was the single most important catalyst for my growth at a pivotal time in my business. I was able to bypass the burnout and blossom into a more confident woman with a business filled with possibility. I now work with clients that I LOVE. I stand my ground and value my time. I am clear about my desires. It feels good when I say NO. It feels great when I say YES.

And most importantly, I know that I have an ally in my business. Stephanie is the first person that I turn to when my head starts to spin and I need sound advice. And, when I celebrate a win, I want to light up a sparkler and thank goddess for Stephanie being in my life.”

— Emily Powell, Project Management + Team Leadership Expert,

“Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have had Stephanie develop my brand story and unique selling points. Her ability to ask the right questions, to tease out what’s truly important to me and my business, and steer me towards a niche and to be able to tell that story has been a game-changer for my business.”

— Min Yong, Owner of Beverly’s Blooms

“Working with Stephanie has been an eye opening experience. I was stuck figuring out how to do business like everyone else. Felt like my lack of experience held me back. Her support and delicious personality helped me discover my own potential. Her blend of manifestation techniques and marketing strategies is refreshing and intelligent”

— Melissa Matos, Project Manager

“I was embarking upon a new career as a Virtual Assistant and I desperate for guidance. Suddenly, after scouring the internet for groups, classes, workshops – Stephanie appeared and I never looked back. My three months with Stephanie guided me through every step of growing my business but more importantly, her coaching challenged me in ways I’d never been before – and I loved it. In turn, I was building confidence in myself as a business owner and falling madly in love with myself as an entrepreneur. Stephanie’s loyalty, commitment, knowledge, confidence, spunk and sincerity are what drew me to her initially and what kept me coming back for more each and every week.”


“Before working with Stephanie I wasn’t working on building my business, I was just running my business. Stephanie help me build the confidence to have a voice to be heard in my industry.”


“Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with. She lives life to the fullest and wants the same for you! I deeply admire her passion, dedication, and integrity for her work. Stephanie’s approach and energy blends the perfect mix of sass and sensitivity and being around her, one can’t help but feel like that inner sparkle ignite! I always feel at ease, intrigued and enlightened after talking to her.”

— Tisha Lin, AUTHOR

“Stephanie is bold – daring – a true revolutionary in her own right. There is nothing too taboo with your feelings, concerns – she will be there to laugh, cry, support and add wisdom + love in every situation. She is the real epitome of “walk your talk” {in fabulous shoes none the less}. Her dreams + aspirations are very relatable to not just myself but many others and she does not just sit in a salon or her bedroom mulling them over – she goes after them {and she will be there to get you to live your dreams not just chase them}! One Glitter Bomb date {as we call them} and you will instantly feel her shining sparkle come to you – whatever you might have been struggling with or saddened by will just melt away. Don’t take my word for it…this is one woman you just have to talk to!”

— Ashley Taylor, COACH