When it comes to marketing, the psychology of persuasion is the core foundation for which all great campaigns are built. In business we all have the same ultimate goal: stand out from the crowd and garner business, right? How do we go about that when a market is crowded? How do we stand out in a sea of sameness?

Today I want to share with you the Seven Persuasion Pillars I use with my clients to help them stand out, especially in crowded markets.

There is a psychology and science behind these persuasion pillars. In short, it’s the real way customers find a desire to work with you, through simple actions you can take to show your expertise, authority, and show the value you bring.

Psychology of Persuasion


Social Validation – Likes, shares, comments, testimonials, kind words, all the positive things that people share about you and your business. Highlight these on your social media, website and newsletter.

Reciprocity – This is the age old idea of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” Psychologically, when we receive something from someone, we want to give something back to them in return. A great example of this is the free opt-in e-guide or consult call. When you give that to clients, they want to give something back to you, which  translates to more business or sales.

Scarcity – This pillar plays into humans basic fear of missing out! Tickers, timelines, and countdowns on sales pages are all part of the scarcity pillar. 

Variety – What does variety have to do with persuasion? People like options and they like to feel like they are getting a deal. An example of this is an online course with three tiers. A top tier that’s the most expensive (and comes with the most extras and benefits), a bottom tier with no frills and a “just-right-price”, and a middle tier that is the perfect combination of extras and affordability. It’s been shown  when given options like this, most people will choose the middle option.

Archetypes or Personas – When you think about who YOU do business with, you notice that sometimes you’re attracted to a business’s vibe right? That’s what this pillar is all about. It’s about how that company makes you feel when you buy from them or do business with them. We are attracted to businesses that have personas we want to embody and emulate. 

Similarity – This pillar is all about if the customer can see themselves in you. The more you are like someone, if you feel like you could be besties, the more likely you are to buy from that person. 

Stories – My favorite pillar! Story is the biggest pillar, because it lays the foundation for all the others. Your story is how you convey your persona, how you convey your similarities. Stories build emotional trust via empathy and understanding.

Remember, it’s about using these pillars ethically and not just for financial gain. I never endorse or recommend you falsify your business, deadlines, or numbers. 

Interested in learning more about each pillar and how to use them ethically in your business? Download my free guide so you can start building and developing a relationship with your customers and clients on a deeper level.


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