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What is the Psychology of Branding?

There’s more to marketing than choosing your brand colors and designing a logo. In fact, those actions require some thought first and a clearly defined strategy using principles rooted in psychology. Psychology of branding, very similar to the psychology of marketing, is the framework for understanding how to build a brand and business that meets the needs of the customer, one which clearly communicates the benefits and values of the product or service, and is the essential starting point for any successful company. 

The Role of Brand Psychology

I’m about to get technical, so for those who want the quick and dirty version, feel free to skip this section. For those with an interest in a more in-depth understanding of media and brand psychology, keep reading.

Brand psychology is understanding human behavior in relation to media consumption and usage. Beyond ‘mass media,’ the context media psychologists strive for in understanding the term is ever-expanding in a fast-paced technological world. It’s the apps on your smartphone, the social media platforms you frequent, the virtual games you play, and the interactive campaigns so many companies now create. It’s the evolving Metaverse and the role digital self-building now plays among us all. 

What brand psychology is not is talk therapy or a diagnosis associated with complex clinical psychological work. Brand psychology has a diverse representation in sociology, anthropology, communications, journalism, marketing, psychology, and technology fields.

So while it’s not traditional psychotherapy, it does incorporate many of the psychological theories (e.g. consumer psychology, social and identity psychology) into the media campaigns, strategies, and funnels we use in modern marketing today.

The 4 Core Elements of Brand Psychology 

Why incorporate brand psychology in your business?

Not only does it give you a leg-up on the traditional way of doing things, but it also places you – and your brand – in a unique position to stand out in a sea of sameness. 

Here are just a few ways brand psychology can benefit your brand:


With the emergence of new social platforms, apps, and software, marketing is becoming increasingly complex. Where should you focus your social media efforts? How should you share your articles, events, and industry news? What’s the best way to share your content?

We can answer all these questions (and more!) when we apply psychology to technology. We can determine the best course of action for your particular business or industry by understanding what makes humans act certain ways (e.g. like, share, retweet).


Humans are complex, diverse beings. When asked what we want, we may think we know (the conscious part of our brain at work), but we really don’t (the subconscious). The processes by which we make decisions are not surface-level, but are deeply rooted in brain regions that are just now being explored.

As a result, we can begin to understand why we buy, how we relate to brands (and their stories), as well as how to reach ideal clients.


In a market that is ever-changing, integrity is essential. A company can no longer blast email newsletters or direct mail at its potential customers in hopes of making a sale. Loyalty and alignment come from a shared value system that customers actively seek out.

In addition, the days when customers were passive players are over. Consumers today research, evaluate, and hold companies accountable for what they say, do, and stand for.


We are meaning-making machines. Your customers are also people. Companies tend to forget this fact! To build a brand that stands out and is successful, creating meaning for the customer is key.

As a result of brand psychology, companies can develop a core story, archetype, and marketing strategy better aligned with their values.

The BrandPsyche Difference

Here at BrandPsyche, we focus our efforts on the latest marketing research to support your brand-building efforts. Whether it’s launching a website, telling a better story, or building digital campaigns that encourage engagement and sales, our team uses brand psychology and data-driven evidence for results you can trust. 

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