What exactly is a courageous entrepreneur? And can being one help you achieve success faster? These are just some of the questions Mai-Kee Tsang answers in this week’s Expert Interview Series. Between helping entrepreneurs discover their brand essence to carving out their signature system, you can find Mai-Kee expertly writing highly converting copy for her purpose-driven clientele while sipping a cuppa at her home in England.

And when she’s not working with clients? Turns out, Mai-Kee’s second superpower is in the kitchen! Her love of pastries and baking has churned out more than one request for a neighborhood bakery. (Sorry friends, not happening anytime soon!)

So without further ado…

Mai-Kee Tsang


  • Why it’s important to stay in brand value alignment
  • How to discover your Brand DNA
  • Why a signature system is necessary in any business
  • The “H2H Touch Factor” (and why it matters so much)
  • PLUS…what it means to be a Courageous Entrepreneur!


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