Lauren Ashcroft is the founder of UltimateYou, a company on a mission to empower entrepreneurs, students, and professionals to reach their biggest goals.

In this episode of Empower Your Marketing, I talk with Lauren about her quick rise from concept to shipped product (in less than a year!), her use of crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and her unique experience of starting a company during a global pandemic.

lauren ashcroft empower your marketing podcast

Lauren funded the launch of her business in 2020 through a successful Kickstarter campaign, she has received funding from the Hamburg Creative Society and has recently been featured in Women’s Health Magazine. Her first product, the UltimateYou Planner is transforming the lives of people around the world, who are adopting the strategies and tools to bring more productivity and calm into their days.

You can find the UltimateYou Planner on Instagram or on the UltimateYou website.


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