Opening a Dailygreatness journal is like opening a planner lover’s bible and personal journal at the same time. The pages are brightly colored and packed with lists, action items, prompting questions and check-ins. You’re inspired with random quotes and thoughts for the week and depending on which planner you choose, you’ll be motivated to get fit, be mindful or build a business you love.

Daily planners are a dime a dozen, not to mention the never-ending stream of smartphone apps that attempt to organize and motivate their users to reach their goals, so how does a company like Dailygreatness stand-out and make a profit? While aesthetics matter, it’s how the user experiences the planner that makes all the difference. Attention to detail, lists, note-taking, and many other factors make finding the perfect planner a quest within itself.

This week I’m highlighting one of my favorite brands Dailygreatness Journals and sharing how they use brand archetypes to distinguish themselves and find raving fans in a high-turnover market.

The Dailygreatness Brand

“Our mission is to inspire you to “be your own guru”, empower you to consciously create your days, help you reach your potential and support you in realising you are the architect of your destiny.”


The concept is simple: Dailygreatness journals are for people who want to consciously create their days and better manage their time, mindset and daily routines. With functionality and aesthetics in mind, Dailygreatness journals are for entrepreneurs, business owners, fitness geeks, yoga enthusiasts, and anyone interested in an in-depth daily practice to enhance their life.

Everything from the weight of the planner (similar to a great book), the soft texture of the cover and the paper chosen for the pages makes a difference at Dailygreatness. Knowing that a planner packed with all sorts of organizational goodies isn’t the only selling point, they’ve gone out of their way to bring out the best in people.


★ create a compelling vision for your life

★ set exciting goals

★ follow up on your goals

★ change disempowering habits to empowering ones

★ find and follow your purpose and mission in life

★ take massive action towards your dreams

★ focus on the positive

★ acknowledge your strengths

★ overcome your weaknesses

★ challenge your fears

★ and simply be happier!!

Using Brand Archetypes to Stand-Out in an Oversaturated Market

The turnover rate for daily planners is high. The market is saturated with literally hundreds of paper and electronic options to enhance, transform and manage your time. There is – literally – a planner for every taste, demographic, interest, and business model.

So how then does Dailygreatness become a fan favorite and get their customers returning year after year?

The secret lies in their brand archetypes.


Known for their work around transformation and transmutation, Alchemists believe in and create magic for themselves and the people they serve. Alchemists not only make magic believable, they help you believe in the magic within yourself as well. The greatest gift of any great Alchemist is his or her ability to bring out the best in people and that’s precisely what Dailygreatness does.


The hero of any great story is the one who is living it. Dailygreatness knows this and puts the power of the Hero’s journey into the hands of their customers each and everyday. It takes courage and a willingness to change (or transform) in order to emerge on the other side victorious. Dailygreatness works with the Hero archetype to empower its customers and show them THEY are the heros of their stories.

The Explorer is another archetype influencing the branding efforts of Dailygreatness. The explorer is on a quest to find oneself and isn’t afraid to do the deep work associated with fulfillment and joy. Explorers ask themselves the tough questions and meet challenges head-on. This can-do attitude is embedded in the Dailygreatness customer and the journal meets the desires to expand above and beyond current limitations through weekly and daily exercises and prompts.

How to Stand-Out In Your Market with Brand Archetypes

Dailygreatness is a perfect example of how one planner can build a diehard fan base by tapping into the brand archetypes that best speak to their customers and audience. Customers motivated by these personas flock to the company, which has an estimated annual revenue of just under $1 million.

If you’re in an oversaturated market then I suggest you take heed: by speaking to a particular demographic and honing in on your product or service’s greatest quirks, you can personify the brand and build a successful company through loyal customers.

But if you ignore the core demographic by simply creating – and pitching – whatever it is you are selling then your profits will fall flat. These days building brand loyalty comes down to the story you tell and the personality your brand embodies.

Do you think brand archetypes hurt or help a company with heavy competition? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.


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