In today’s episode, I get to chat with one of my favorite authors, business mentors, and overall badass CEO Ash Ambirge. Ash is the founder of The Middle Finger Project and authored a book by the very same name. In this episode, we’ll dig into:

  • Why being true to yourself is the best marketing strategy
  • Overcoming the “I’m not good enough” mentality
  • Using words to wield power (and stand out from the crowd)

Please note, this episode contains explicit language. 

Ash Ambirge on Empower Your Marketing Podcast Episode 31

ASH AMBIRGE is an internet entrepreneur, creative writer, speaker, and advocate for women being brave and doing disobedient things with their careers and their lives. Her voice has been called, “the most memorable on the Internet,” “original in a world with too little of it,” “not safe for work at all,” and also, “really kinda sweary,” which is definitely her favorite description. She is the founder of The Middle Finger Project®, which is both the name of her hallmark lifestyle blog as well the title of her first book. She splits her time between Philadelphia, PA, and traveling the world. Learn more at



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