Is your business to-do list overflowing and your mind racing with which task you should complete first? While hiring outside support is often a stretch for any business, there are certain tasks that can be cleared from your list that a marketing manager can easily do for you.

And since marketing your business is kind of a big deal, consider hiring an expert to help you beat the overwhelm and finally gain some traction when it comes to serving more people, making more money and being of greater impact to the world.

Here are the top five tasks you can scratch off your to-do list today with the help of a marketing expert.

5 Tasks To Outsource

1. Content Creation + Planning

The #1 pain point for all my clients seems to be content creation and content planning. Whether that’s social media, newsletters or blogs & vlogs, content really is QUEEN!

What happens most often is that content is created on the fly, or worse, not at all.

Coming up with new material and topics, writing or producing the content, and then sharing that content on a regular basis can be downright overwhelming! One of the first tasks on your to-do list that can be outsourced to a marketing manager is the strategy, planning and creation of your business content.

Here’s just a few things a marketing manager can help you create:

  • Monthly content calendars
  • Monthly promotional calendars + timelines
  • Weekly newsletter templates
  • Writing + proofreading your weekly newsletter
  • Writing, proofreading or planning of your blog, vlog or social media content
  • Social media management + posting calendar

And for the more advanced:

  • Affiliate emails + launch coordination
  • Product or service launch support
  • Sales page + sales email writing & proofreading
  • Newsletter opt-in segmenting, optimization + analytics

2. Marketing Strategy

Most marketing managers or consultants offer ongoing marketing strategy and support. Instead of always researching, reading, reviewing, and taking courses on subjects in order to bootstrap the business, hiring a marketing expert allows you to focus on what’s most important – your business – and let’s the expert coordinate a marketing strategy that helps promote, attract and engage the right audiences.

There are many different strategies available to businesses and it’s important when hiring a marketing expert that their strategies or viewpoint align with how you want to conduct business.

3. Project Management + Support

Not all marketing experts need to be on speed-dial! In fact, many online businesses hire consultants during specific growth phases or times of year.

For example, if a big launch is on the horizon and you need project support, hiring a marketing expert for a few weeks or months is a smart solution for greater success.

Whether it’s a launch, event or re-brand, a marketing manager can help you navigate big transitions as you scale and grow.

4. Customer Experience Advocate

Marketing managers can audit, survey, test and research your current customer base to better understand what your clients want, desire and need (all ultimately buy).

With a customer-centric approach, marketing experts can help flush out business ideas, services, products or long-term goals based on what your current customers are clicking, sharing, commenting or replying to when interacting with your business.

They can map your client experience, finding loopholes in the funnels and optimizing loose ends, while also creating clear paths to products or services directly related to your client or customer’s pain points.

5. Your Quarterly Objectives + Roadmap

How often do you sit down to map out your quarterly objectives, only to forget about them a few days later?

It’s easy to map out where you want to go, it’s harder to stick to the plan and make it happen.

Instead of spending five hours on a Saturday mapping out your objectives – to forget them a few days later – why not hand that responsibility over to a marketing manager instead?

They can assess your business, audit your brand positioning and suggest a 90-day marketing roadmap for the most impact on your quarterly goals. They’ll organize data, share implementation techniques and assist you in sticking to the plan.


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