My favorite way of learning is by watching. I’m not so much a doer right out of the gate. Instead, I like to take my time and observe first.

When building my own brand I watched how others did it and emulated their actions. Marie Forleo, Kris Carr, Gabby Bernstein, Ramit Sethi, Tim Ferriss…just a few of the names showing up in my inbox on the daily in the early days of my freelance life.

So when I started writing case studies on some of the top brands and how they use archetypes, psychology and other story strategies to share their brand message, I had no idea other people found this way of learning as fascinating as I did!

This week I’ve rounded up the most popular and shared case studies for your reading pleasure. If you’ve ever wanted to grow a brand – especially in the health industry – you’ll definitely want to read these!

Nike And The Hero Archetype

How SoulCycle Sells Inspiration

How Tone It Up Built A Multi-Million Dollar Brand (w/ Infograph)

How BarkBox Capitalized on Social Storytelling to Delight Followers

How A Daily Planner Used Brand Archetypes to Stand Out


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