18 clients.

12 brand stories.

4 brand audits.

2 build-a-brands.

1 new assistant.

My first five-figure months.

And that’s just work stuff.

That doesn’t include two happy kids, countless illnesses, nonstop after-school activities, two ballet recitals, an Italian cruise, a week in the South of France, and three (yes, three!) international moves.

To say it’s been quite a year is an understatement.

Numbers are useful – especially when you’re just starting out – but don’t let them define you.

What really matters most is:

Did I make an impact?

Did the work I do help others?

Is the world a better place because I was in business?

Success is best measured in the latter.


It's time to stand out and make the money,
meaning and impact you know you are capable of.

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