Is it time to prioritize your pleasure? 

whether you're single, married, a mother (or not) one thing is clear: you are a woman first with some very important needs.

as a multi-passionate woman pulled in all directions, you might be bumping up against some pretty common pleasure problems.

For example, are you...

Tired of putting your sex life last?

Secretly yearning to amp up your creativity?

Attempting to connect to your core passions and desires?

On the verge of burnout (emotionally and financially)?

Maybe you've had it up to here with a less than ideal sex life.

Or maybe you are on the verge of losing it emotionally, staying up late to cram for another big meeting after a long day focused on other people's needs.

Or perhaps you are somewhat satisfied with your sex life but feel like you might be missing out on that curl-your-toes kind of pleasure.

If you’ve been nodding your head to any of the above scenarios, you aren’t alone! I promise you there is a way to ignite your sex life, spark your creativity and live a life you love without sacrificing your time, freedom or sanity any longer.


It's time to spark your sexual energy and get turned-on in all areas of your life!


You once had a dream: to live a vibrant, fulfilled and turned-on life in all areas that mattered. 

Thing is, you may feel inspired by your vision for a more satisfying life but for some reason aren’t living it.

Instead you’ve let your sexual needs go dormant, stifling your creativity and dimming your internal spark. You feel anything BUT free and even more chained to the daily to-dos. And worse, you aren’t fully living into your divine potential.

You, my darling, are (sexually) stuck.

The good news? Nothing is wrong with you! You just haven’t been given the tools or techniques to cultivate your sexual energy in a way that feeds your creativity, Soul and ultimately - your divine purpose. 


"Stephanie is a gift to the world. Her presence creates power, awareness and inspiration to look deep inside ourselves and courageous discover and awaken our own power, light and essence. After being with Stephanie you not only feel like you can take on the world but you have the confidence in who you are, at your core, to take actions to living your fullest, most joyous life NOW!  Both her and her work are absolutely amazing." - Kimberly Jackson


  • waking each day with enthusiasm and energy
  • using your sexual energy to cultivate abundance, creativity and inspiration 
  • walking through life with a spring in your step
  • feeling confident naked
  • enjoying your sex life
  • using your orgasm to fuel your everyday energy levels

The Answer?

Part sex educator and part lifestyle coach, I offer down-to-earth and easy to implement empowerment coaching on:

  • Cultivating and connecting to your sexual energy
  • The how-to's of orgasm
  • Partner and solo pleasure play
  • Sexual education and empowerment
  • Understanding the power sexual energy plays in your life
  • Sacred rituals to enhance your sex life
  • How energy and sex are intertwined

What you'll receive:


✓ Six 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs, questions + concerns via phone or Skype over the course of two months (3 weeks on, 1 week off for 60 days)

✓ If meeting by phone, a MP3 recording will be made available

✓ Unlimited email support between sessions

✓ Personalized action plans, advice and implementation strategies to get you feeling empowered + playful in your sex life


total investment:

Pay in full $1,000 or two payments of $500


Why should you hire me?

Because I make talking about sex EASY! I've studied energy work, alternative healing modalities and have become certified in various women's sexual health practices over the course of ten years. After all this education - and a whole lot of clients - I've found that when a woman celebrates her sexuality and releases the shame, she is unstoppable! Now I want to help YOU overcome whatever's holding you back from living a fully sexually-expressed life. To read even more about my professional experience and certifications, check out the About page.



 "Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with. She lives life to the fullest and wants the same for you!  I deeply admire her passion, dedication, and integrity for her work. Stephanie’s approach and energy blends the perfect mix of sass and sensitivity and being around her, one can’t help but feel like that inner sparkle ignite! I always feel at ease, intrigued and enlightened after talking to her." - Tisha Lin

are you ready to get turned-on?

Now accepting new clients for September and October 2016 - space is limited!

"I loved every minute. After the first week I could not WAIT for the next call. This was one of the best things I could have done for myself. The time flies by and the way the Universe has shown up is incredible. The Universe is shifting to help me!" - Stephanie S.