“Your selfie game just got a whole lot stronger.”

Pop Smile had me at the first line. It was so good, I had to read the sentence twice. I bought the kit for an upcoming brand photoshoot and after researching local teeth whitening services I knew I wasn’t willing to put down a few hundred dollars for stain removal. Problem was, I also needed a simple solution to remove the small stains that had appeared from my espresso habit turned addiction.

Enter Pop Smile. Their ad campaign popped (no pun intended) up in my Facebook feed after researching teeth whitening solutions and I was intrigued. Their website and visual branding is appealing and their price point reasonable for the kit’s promises. I decided to give them a try.

A few words before we begin: This is not a product review. Also, I make absolutely no money from this post. I just really dig their product copy and branding tone, which I’ll dive into below.

This week I’m breaking down the awesomeness that is their copywriting and walking you through why having a brand TONE is so vital to standout in industries just like this one.

What Makes Pop Smile Standout

Teeth whitening is not new, nor are at-home treatments. Raise your hand if you’ve ever used a Crest white stripe? More often than not the majority of you have. So what makes PopSmile so appealing?


Pop Smile promises me a convenient teeth whitening product that takes just nine days for optimal results. Not only do they provide the teeth trays and whitening gel, but you also receive the LED light, pre-whitening swabs and post-whitening pen. Everything they give you comes in a small zip-up carry case for ease and convenience.


The packaging is refreshing, clean and easy on the eyes. The bright blue pops against the white, highlighting the product’s promises. Receiving the kit is somewhat like opening your stocking on Christmas morning, each product neatly wrapped and prepared for you to explore.


As the affordable and somewhat hip teeth whitening product, Pop Smile hits a home run with their sassy and witty copywriting. They know their target market and speak directly to them (not a lot of Baby Boomers get the importance of a fabulous selfie) and don’t attempt to invade multiple segments of the market. Instead, they stick to one: Millennials.

Lessons in Branding from Pop Smile

Pop Smile did more than a few things right, so let’s break down how you can apply their success in your branding.


Pop Smile uses a variety of social and influencing strategies to reach millennials. They’ve tailored their copywriting to speak the language, they use social influencers to take pictures of them using the product and they priced the product within an acceptable range. They understand that by giving their customer exactly what they want, and using social proof, they reach their ideal target market.

Some things to ask yourself: are you trying to cover too much ground? Do you believe everyone is your customer or a select few? Who does your brand speak to? What language do you use to relate to your target market? Is your language aligned? Have you gone ‘all in’ with your niche or do you have one toe out?


Pop Smile doesn’t lack in personality, they stand out because of it. When considering your brand tone and personality, don’t be afraid to show up. Pop Smile’s messaging may not speak to some but that’s the point. If you’re not into energetic, upbeat, or witty banter then find yourself another teeth whitener. At the end of the day Pop Smile would rather attract their ideal customer who aligns with their personality than attempt to please those who just don’t jive with the company feel.

Some things to ask yourself: does your brand have a personality? Is it funny/serious/playful/seductive? Does your brand messaging align with your brand personality? Is your brand trying to be something it’s not?


Social influencers are by no means a new strategy for smaller products and newer companies, but Pop Smile knew it wasn’t going to spend money on traditional advertising and attempt to reach an audience already saturated with too many offers. In order to disrupt the industry – and gain a piece of the market pie – they had to go where their audience was: online. Using influencers across social media channels and the psychological tactic of social proof, they were able to go viral in a short amount of time.

Some things to ask yourself: is your product or service advertising in the right arenas? Are you advertising or sharing where you hang out, or where your target market congregates? In what ways could you get out of a marketing rut by creatively utilizing your customers, your messaging or your product?


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