If you are a brand new entrepreneur or still in the “figure it out” phase, deciding where to start when it comes to building, growing and scaling a business can be extremely overwhelming.

If you are feeling anxiety or confusion, you are not alone! Most new female entrepreneurs I talk to also feel this way and with a little coaching (and encouragement!), you can move through the overwhelm to become a more confident and less frazzled business owner.

I remember when I was just starting out: I spent countless hours pouring over business blogs, podcasts and attending workshops in the hope that I would finally crack the code to business success. I always knew being a small business owner wasn’t exactly easy, yet I had no idea the amount of strategies, tactics and trends I had to be aware of in order to grow and scale my business.

Even now, as I reach for even BIGGER business goals, I can feel overwhelmed with all the new leveling-up strategies I wasn’t aware of in the first few years of my business.

And let me tell ya, it is normal to feel overwhelmed, nervous and excited when it comes to building your business!

I get it and that’s why this week, I want to impart some wisdom from a “been there, done that” perspective so you can banish the overwhelm and find your business confidence!

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The Biggest Obstacles When You Are Just Starting Out

You might have a logo, website or Facebook page but when it comes to growing your business in those first few years, it can be tough to know which strategy, mentor or program will be best for your business.

I surveyed a group of my favorite female entrepreneurs and here’s what they said were their biggest obstacles just starting out:

  • getting enough clients
  • driving traffic to my online shop
  • not having clients and therefore income
  • financing the business
  • clearly knowing and defining my value
  • getting people to read my blog and finding ways to make money
  • figuring out my niche
  • what side hustle will give me enough income while still giving me time to develop my business
  • how to bring my vision together
  • creating content

Can you relate?

If you’re struggling with these same issues, I’m going to give you three strategies to banish the overwhelm and become a better business woman this very minute.

The 3 Strategies To Succeed When You Are Just Starting Out

When I was in the middle of creating the Signature Story Method™ a few years back, I was drowning in what I call “What Do I Do Next Syndrome.”

I questioned everything and had no idea if what I was producing was even going to be needed, let alone used and loved. In the midst of my overwhelm I had an epiphany.

My logical brain needed a roadmap in order to organize my intuitive hits and ideas, so why not create one for myself?

I went to my whiteboard (I’ve got a serious obsession with them) and there was born my Get It Done Roadmap.

Here it is in a nutshell:

  1. Organize
  2. Evaluate
  3. Execute


As a Type-A neat freak, organizing my thoughts into physical existence is crucial for me to move ahead and execute on my ideas. Organizing your ideas, steps, plans, or big picture goals is where you start to get the most out of your time.

My go-to favorites? White boards and post-it notes!

Or maybe you prefer notebooks, drawing, voice recording…the options are endless. As long as it works for you, that’s all that matters!

1 Minute Make It Happen Tip: overcome the overwhelm when you’re just starting out by brain dumping your ideas, options and questions on paper (or whiteboard). Sometimes just getting it out of our head-space creates clarity!


With all those options or “what do I do next?” questions, you obviously need to evaluate your next steps. But where to start?

Evaluating is all about mindfully aligning with your best interests.

Let me say that in another way: choosing a solution, strategy or direction should always be in your best interest and no one else’s.

1 Minute Make It Happen Tip: look at all the options you have in front of you and close your eyes. Now bring each one to mind, one-by-one. How does it feel? Could you see yourself doing it or implementing it or choosing it for many years to come? Does it fulfill a short term need but not a long term goal?


You’ve organized and evaluated your options, now it’s time to execute!

This can be the hardest step of all.

Can I tell you a little secret? Nine times out of ten my new-to-business clients avoid the execution stage by overwhelming themselves with options, so they spend all their time evaluating what to do and not doing anything!

If this is you, no judgment.

Sometimes it feels safer to stay on the sidelines and think about next steps versus getting on the field and giving your ideas a try.

1 Minute Make It Happen Tip: even if you can’t make one final decision, START. Just start somewhere! Instead of worrying about your blog’s website design, write. Instead of waiting for those new brand photos you will take when you’re 10 pounds lighter, snap a selfie and post a heartfelt comment. Sometimes just starting is the only step you need!



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