A 4 week online mentorship program for virtual assistants who want to quit worrying…and start making money.

Sure, you could take another low paying client.

You could spend endless hours bidding on low budget projects. You could take short-term gigs just to get by. You could take on any client that comes your way, waking up in a cold sweat at 3am wondering how you’ll pay bills and constantly ask yourself how anyone makes it as a virtual assistant.

Or you could learn how to successfully market yourself as a virtual assistant so you’ll never have to worry again.

Welcome to...

Money + Marketing

A 4 week online immersion program for virtual assistants who want the juicy secrets of running a lucrative online business – instead of just dreaming of one.

Who It's For

The Newbie

Want to get into the VA industry but don’t know where to start? Save yourself the stress and headache of wasted time and make money right out of the gate.

The Semi-Seasoned VA

You’ve started your biz only to find it more difficult than you realized. Whether it’s finding clients, getting paid good money or keeping your sales funnel full, being a VA is not what you imagined. Fear not my friend.

The Old Pro

You’ve done this for a few years and you’re ready to throw in the towel. Resentment, bitterness and burnout are just around the corner. It’s time to revamp and rejuvenate to bring your biz back from the brink.

Virtual assistant services can be the easiest sell in the world or the hardest.

It’s all in how you do it!

That’s why so many virtual assistants end up back at a 9-5.

It’s not that they’re not good at what they do. Au contraire!

It’s that they’re not good at marketing their business.


There are two unsexy mistakes most well-meaning virtual assistants make when they go into business:

The first is not understanding the concepts of marketing a virtual business.

The second is not understanding how to sell their value for those sought after hundred dollar bills.

It all boils down to Marketing + Money.


It’s no surprise…

That running a successful VA business isn’t about HOW you assist.

It’s about how you get the word out about what you do.

Mentorship Curriculum + What’s In It For You


Intro to Assisting As A Profession, How to Set Yourself Apart & Sexy Backend Biz solutions That Actually Work 

  • done for you templates that make setting up a new client a breeze
  • the one exercise that will make your unique value stand out from the crowd (and never have you second guessing what makes you special ever again)
  • the exact systems blueprint I use to run my booming business on a poor man’s budget
  • the #1 secret to being an assistant that always has a job

Learn How to Attract Clients & Pull (Not Push) Your Marketing Efforts So People Find You (not the other way around!)

  • marketing techniques that work for any budget (yes, truly!)
  • the client attraction principles that take the stress out of finding new clients once and for all
  • how you can manifest more money through sleaze-free marketing
  • where great clients hang out (and how you can get on their radar)

How to Set + Sell Your Price So People Buy On The Spot

  • the perfect answer to the dreaded question, “How much?” without batting an eyelash
  • my top secret pricing formula that never again leaves you guessing how much to charge
  • how to ask for the price you REALLY want (and stop undervaluing your services)

Making Money 101: Mindset Strategies and Lots of Fun Woo Woo Stuff on Making More Money with Ease and Grace

  • the secret strategy to transform your money story
  • how to deal with debt while building your biz
  • learn to reframe those money beliefs that don’t work for you anymore (and find new ones that do!)
  • the step-by-step process on giving yourself permission to earn more
  • create a personalized “money mantra” – the power statement that totally transforms your income potential

Creating Copy That Captivates

  • how to craft the perfect sales copy
  • downloadable template of my high converting sales blueprint that makes any sales page stand out from the crowd
  • become fluent in the unique language of each social media platform to increase your visibility

With Special Guest Expert!

Lara Eastburn is a marketing and social media geek also known as the Moonshine Marketeer and Social Media Mixologist. A champion of small business and small biz owners, she cut her own business teeth by creating one of the first and largest companies that makes hula hoops for grownups. A specialist in helping small business “speak human,” Lara solves social media overwhelm, posting paralysis, and boring business syndrome online.

I haven’t built a successful six figure virtual business from good looks alone.

Think there aren’t enough clients to go around? Worried they can’t afford you? Think again.

Their problem is that they don’t believe you’re worth it.

Let’s change that.

Mentorship Options

Level 1: Sweet & Simple 

  • Over eight hours of audio recordings and training files to listen on your mobile device, laptop or in the car
  • Download + access materials, done for you templates and bonus goodies each week

Level 2: Marketing & Money Maven

  • Over eight hours of audio recordings and training files to listen on your mobile device, laptop or in the car
  • Download + access materials, done for you templates and bonus goodies each week


  • Private mentoring with me via email and one 1:1 - 50 minute coaching call
  • Personalized feedback on all weekly tasks and worksheets designed to make your virtual business a money making machine
  • CHOOSE ONE: A personalized Website Review detailing ways you can optimize your current site to attract more leads and land more high paying clients OR a detailed 90-day action plan to take your business from getting by to a business that thrives!

For each woman who enrolls, 10% of each registration will automatically be donated on your behalf to I AM THAT GIRL – a community, a support system, and a movement that inspires girls to love, express and be who they are. By creating a culture for girls to be seen, be heard, and belong, we are changing their lives and creating a healthier, more powerful world.

What's Next...

  • Upon registration you will receive an email confirming enrollment, our weekly call schedule and what to expect.
  • Access to a pre-class assignment designed to motivate and inspire your current marketing habits.
  • Instructions for how to download your weekly classes.
  • Marketing & Money Maven clients will receive a scheduling link for our one private session that must be booked within the four week mentorship immersion as well as instructions for choosing their bonus gift.
  • If you’re worried you won’t have time, don’t sweat it. You can download the materials, expert interview, recordings and bonus goodies to learn at your own pace later on. Plus, if you’re really stressed out, I’m offering a 100% refund up to 5 days following confirmation of payment.
  • Got questions? Contact me

Are You Ready to Build A Business of Your Dreams?


Stop stressing.

Start living.