Welcome, you sexy thing!

Stephanie Jiroch is a Holistic Sex Educator & Women’s Empowerment Coach for ambitious women who struggle to stay connected with their most sensual and sexual selves. Stephanie believes women derive power from their sexual energy and instead of shamed, should be celebrated!

Through her unique sense of sass and sex appeal in articles, free trainings and programs, she’s here to teach you how to create sensual bliss in AND out of bed. More than just an orgasm, she’s helping to awaken the life force within, creating abundance and joy in all areas of life.

Her clients have called her “an angel” and “a gift to the world,” with one woman saying her coaching program was “the best decision I’ve ever made."

When she’s not turning heads with her sarcasm you can find her indulging in overly-customized coffees, perusing endless rows of newly published books and drinking the occasional bottle of Veuve Clicquot.



Stephanie Jiroch is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and global cosmopolitan who empowers and inspires women to prioritize pleasure and fall in love with their lives. She specializes in holistic sex education and empowerment coaching for ambitious, educated and highly successful women from all walks of life.

As an advocate for women’s rights - as well as a sought-after speaker and consultant - Stephanie blends her unique coaching skills and passion for women's empowerment into her ability to successfully help women release sexual shame and step into their sexuality with power and grace. 

Stephanie works with women from the boardroom to the bedroom, igniting the spark within and connecting them to their core sexual energy. Ultimately, women walk away feeling liberated, alive and powerful beyond measure.


Professional Education and Training:

  • Master of Arts, Media Psychology (concentration in Gender + Media)
  • Certified Professional & Spiritual Coach - World Coach Institute
  • Landmark Education Leadership Program
  • Landmark Forum + Advanced Graduate
  • Level II Reiki Certified Energy Healer
  • Yoga Alliance 200-hr Trained Instructor
  • B.A. Psychology
  • B.A. Journalism 

Additional courses completed: Chinese Medicine theory and energetics, Gestalt therapy, sex education, astrology and personality archetypes.