I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2009 when I started working freelance as a copywriter. Back then I was teaching myself basic coding and churning out email newsletters (source code and flash enabled) for brick & mortar companies looking to gain an online edge. Little did I know at the time just how important and impactful this work would have on my career over a decade later.

Fast forward ten years (that doesn’t even sound right!) and here I am running my own online boutique marketing agency for women in biz.

So why join Marie Forleo’s B-School now? Trust me, it’s been around as long as I’ve been online and I’ve worked a total of four affiliate launches for not one but two of her top-tiered partners. I know the program pretty well and can easily say that at least eight out of my ten best friends have already completed the course at some point over the years.

Curious to know the real reason I joined B-School this year? Grab your favorite mock-tail cause I’m spilling the deets in 3…2…1…

Marie Forleo

If B-School Were a Professional Sport…

Every February for the past ten years Marie Forleo’s team has taken over the internet (and our inboxes) with what’s now dubbed as B-School Season.

For a few weeks anybody subscribed to her affiliates’ lists will receive emails designed to persuade you to enroll in this year’s B-School experience. And like moths to a flame, entrepreneurs from around the world pull up a chair with popcorn in hand to see which affiliate is offering the best bonuses.

It is the Superbowl of online entrepreneurship and one heck of a game for the people who sell the program.

So, what is B-School exactly? It’s an online business building bootcamp hosted by Marie Forleo, a lifestyle blogger and business woman. In its 10th year, this 8-week program offers the A-Z plan for creating and running a profitable business.

From a marketing perspective it’s genius: subscribe to ALL the newsletters and learn from the pros on how to sell a program that has anything but lost momentum over the years.

Some of the best web and email copy, as well as promotions strategies, are in these affiliate launches and while the bombardment of emails can be annoying, they can also be super educational.

From a back-end business perspective, B-School is a beast unlike any other.

The amount of planning, implementing, execution and follow-up required from her partners is top-notch (I know from experience). It’s also a serious money-maker.

That being said, having worked four B-School launches and seeing my friends go through the program year after year, I decided to bite the bullet and join B-School myself. Here’s why:


The best marketers will tell you to go where your ideal clients are, use their language and better understand their everyday actions. I recommend the same! And now we have this amazing thing called the internet to help us do all that and more.

Facebook groups, paid memberships, courses and webinars are phenomenal places to gather market research on your ideal clients.

What are their needs?

What are they struggling with?

What are their fears?

I realize the majority of my clients and the women I want to work with either know of Marie or have done B-School at some point. Understanding what brings my ideal client to Marie allows me to better address any issues they may have around communicating their message with clarity and confidence.

Quick Tip: Do your research and discover where your ideal client hangs out (in paid or unpaid spaces) and join them there. The feedback and questions you have access to are a goldmine for your business!


Having never enrolled before (while despising the bombardment of affiliate emails yet loving Marie’s advice on MarieTV), I knew I needed to dive into the course that so many women in my own world (including clients) call essential.

Listen, I’ve been around the business block so to speak.

I’ve been in the trenches, confused and frustrated. I’ve launched courses where no one enrolled. I’ve had ramen soup months and five-figure weeks. I’ve made mistakes but I always go back to the drawing board to do it better next time.

The ultimate failure is thinking we already know all the answers.

A “beginner’s mind” is essential to stay open, flexible and successful in business and in life.

While I’ve worked with strategists, premier clients and mentors, I’m never one to not be open to learn something new.

Quick Tip: Remember your client may not be as ‘advanced’ as you are, especially in your area of expertise. By always having a beginner’s mind, you can better relate to their struggles and meet them where they are in THEIR journey. Also, there’s never any harm in learning something in a new way!


As a business logistics junkie (aka someone who looooooooves systems & structures), taking a course of this caliber inspires my own ideas of how I can scale my business in the coming years.

Whether it’s the design, usability or system architecture, leveling-up my business means I need to learn from the best. For example…

How’s the functionality of the course log-in platform?

What systems are in place to make the most out of the Facebook support group?

How often does she email participants?

What kind of support does she offer to members?

These (and many more) questions will be answered as I move through the course and see what style or execution strategy might inspire me to up-level my own business one day.

Quick Tip: Inspiration is all around. If you like how someone is doing something, learn from them! Take notes on what’s working and apply similar strategies to your own business when the time is right.

The Business 2.0 Mindset

Most new business owners I meet are thinking in the short-term.

I call it the just getting by mindset.

They do enough each day to make it to the next and while that strategy isn’t exactly wrong, it’s also not smart!

Instead, I ask you (and all of my clients) to adopt the Business 2.0 Mindset.

Start thinking strategically for the long-term so you can scale your services, systems and internal structures to support your ultimate goals.

Next day survival tactics are nothing compared to bigger picture strategies designed to keep you relevant, helpful and financially abundant for many years to come.

Your Turn: Are you a B-School Alum or Have Joined this Year? Tell me your experience in the comments below!


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