I’m notorious for buying for myself while shopping for others. It’s kind of like my superpower (well, that and always picking out the most expensive option for just about anything).

Whether you love to give or you love to get, this holiday round up should make any marketer jump for J-O-Y.


These five titles are at the top of my favorite book pile this season and trust me, they do not disappoint. Whether you’re looking to tell better brand stories or simply need a creative boost, they are the perfect addition to any personal library (I should know since I have them all).

Seth Godin – This is Marketing

Seth’s newest book is basically everything I believe about marketing, just coming from his mouth and not mine. Often called the Godfather of Modern Marketing, Seth believes in marketing for the good of the people and not just to sell stuff. If you align with my work then you’ll love this book.

Ann Handley – Everybody Writes

You know you should write a great brand story but how? Ann is one of my favorite writers and marketing mavens. Her book is the nuts & bolts of good writing simplified. This book is good for just about anyone who writes anything these days.

Brene Brown – Dare to Lead

I love every book this woman has written. Dare to Lead is every leader’s pocket guide to creating organizations, communities and movements that matter. If you’re in marketing, running your own business or head of the household then this book is a MUST. (In fact, just go buy ALL her books. You can thank me later.)

Bernadette Jiwa – Story Driven

Bernadette is a phenomenal writer and marketer, working for some of the most respectable brands this century has seen. Her latest book Story Driven is an ode to writing stories that matter. Obviously, I love her work.

Steven Pressfield – The Artist’s Journey

There will be days you question your work and worth in the world. On those days, read this. Steven is by far one of my favorite authors. His tell-it-like-it-is approach inspires you to keep doing the work even when no one is watching (or worse, when no one seems to care).

Gadgets, Gizmos and Events


Every great writer loves a good pen but how do you know which one to buy? Well New York Magazine rounded up their writers + editors to tell you! There are literally over 100 pens reviewed for smoothness, bleed, feel and even looks. Pick your perfect pen here.

Social Media Marketing World

How about a ticket to the hottest social media and digital marketing event? Based in San Diego and run with the top speakers and leaders of the industry, this event is a goldmine of information for anyone in modern marketing. Can’t make it live? They have a virtual track.

MarketingProfs Membership

If you’re a one-(wo)man shop, just starting out in business or know a marketer who would love to fine tune their skills consider a professional membership. MarketingProfs has a treasure trove of resources for anyone in marketing – whether that’s B2C or B2B – not to mention some pretty cool courses included when you buy the yearly access pass. Check it out here.



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