Marie Kondo has taken over Netflix. Actually, she’s taken over the world. The KonMari Method is helping men and women everywhere (ok, mostly women) tidy up their living spaces and create happier and more positive lifestyles. While I haven’t fully jumped on the KonMari Method for my sock drawer, I did decide to give it a go with this year’s content calendar.

Turns out, the KonMari Method works for de-cluttering your social feeds just as well as your shoes!

This week I’m sharing how I used the KonMari Method to organize my content calendar, social media feeds and launch plans for a more productive, successful and joyful year.

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The KonMari Method in a Nutshell

The method consists of gathering together all of your belongings, one category at a time, and keeping only those things that “spark joy” (ときめく tokimeku, the word in Japanese) and choosing a place for everything from then on.

According to Marie Kondo’s website, there are six basic rules of tidying up:

  1. Commit yourself to tidying up
  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle
  3. Finish discarding first
  4. Tidy by category, not location
  5. Follow the right order
  6. Ask yourself if it sparks joy

When it comes to rule #5 Kondo has a specific order to follow: clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and then sentimental items.

Since I was de-cluttering my social media feeds as well as my content calendar, I decided to organize in the following way:

  1. Social media channels
  2. Social media feeds
  3. Content Calendar

Kondo recommends only keeping things that spark joy in the heart. When it’s time to let go of an item, you thank it for its service and then let it go. I used the same premise with my marketing plan: if it didn’t spark joy then I cut it from the to-do list!

How to KonMari Your Marketing Like A Pro


I find my Facebook business page to be an absolute waste of time. It brings me no leads, I spend little time on it (does anyone go to someone’s Facebook business page anymore to read up on latest blogs or is everyone just hanging out in groups these days?) nor do I find curating my feed to be a joyful endeavor. So why do I keep it?

Because any decent marketer will tell you a Facebook page is essential in today’s digital era.

Facebook has replaced the yellow pages.

Where does a Millenial go when they need business information? Facebook.

As I poured over the channels I spend the most time on, the ones that are actually FUN and the platforms I most engage in I noticed a pattern: I was spending far too much time on channels I “should” be on and far less on the ones that I actually enjoyed.


So I’ve removed the headache of trying to be on EVERY platform and have decided to just be on a few.

KonMari Takeaway: trying to be everywhere distracts you from happily being where you are. Narrow down your platforms and get hyper-focused on ONLY the platforms you (and your ideal customer) hang out on.


Now that I’ve reduced my virtual footprint and can focus only on one or two channels, I can bring more value to the right audience.

And since I work better when I start over (it’s the Scorpio in me), I instructed my assistant to delete our entire social media queue.

Yup, all of it. Burned to the ground.

That means removing fluffy quotes, outdated advice and updating images that better serve where my business is now.

KonMari Takeaway: if a social media post or image doesn’t inspire ME to take action, then I can’t expect it to do anything for my audience. Come at your social media feeds as a source of JOY instead of another to-do.


I’m terrible at planning my monthly content. I’m the sort of writer who spends more time waiting for inspiration to hit than sitting down at my desk dutifully each day to get the writing done.

But this year I vowed to be different.

I’ve got a fancy content calendar set up with my upcoming monthly content dedicated to solving the problems of entrepreneurs just like you.

Using the KonMari Method in my content cal means getting serious about what it is I want to share, how I want to show up online and NOT on how I can fill space or make the most noise.

That means writing and creating from a place of clarity (de-cluttering helps!) and purpose.

No fluff-filled pieces or action-less opinion pieces.

KonMari Takeaway: getting clear on how I help people frees up my content calendar to be of service to a niche and not attempt to make everyone happy.

The KonMari Method for Business & Beyond

Using the KonMari Method was exceptionally freeing, if not downright liberating.

By aligning with joy my business became much more fun. Not only that but I was able to clear out the clutter of my online life, leaving me inspired to take action from purpose instead of the fear of missing out.

Tell me, will you KonMari your marketing this year?


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