You should have a newsletter (and send it weekly).

You should have a Facebook business page.

You should be on Instagram.

You should take whichever clients you can get in the beginning.

You should be making six figures by the one year mark.

I meet entrepreneurs and small biz owners who are shoulding all over themselves. Online “gurus” are telling you it has to be a certain way or you’ve failed (oftentimes before you’ve ever even started). And when you can see only one side of a competitor’s brand on social media, compare-itis can rear its ugly and obnoxious head.

If you’re reading this and can relate, I’ve got something for you today.

It’s a get out of jail free card.

Today, I release you from all the shoulds.

Put your blinders on and earplugs in.

Focus inward and spend some time exploring what you want for your business.

Do that and watch those shoulds (and the anxiety they create)disappear.


It's time to stand out and make the money,
meaning and impact you know you are capable of.

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