Do you want to know the secret to success? 

It's not in the systems, platforms or how-to's of your business. 

It's not automating your tweets or cleaning out your inbox.

In fact, it has nothing to do with how you organize your business whatsoever. 

the secret to success lies in your sexual energy.

Stay with me here. You might be wondering what the heck I'm talking about. You might think this is a little too woo-woo. You might see absolutely no correlation between your sexual energy and the way money shows up in your life. But hear me out...

According to ancient energetic theory and practices, the source of your sexual energy is also where your creativity and money-making abilities reside.

How you show up in bed Affects how you do business.

I've been an entrepreneur for 10 years.

I started out as a self-employed yoga instructor, moving my way through certifications and trainings to become a Professional Life Coach and Sex Educator. In ten years I've invested nearly $50,000 in courses, programs and workshops. 

I've done everything from B-School to virtually unheard of self-study courses on topics such as building an online business, running workshops, facilitating circles and groups, cleaning up my inbox, organizing the backend of my business...and so much more!

I've attended networking events, conferences and retreats.

I became so good at this that I started helping other women build their businesses! Women were turning to me for advice and hands-on support to build businesses that paid off.

What I learned along the way was that there was no one way to do business.

What mattered most was the fire - the passion - that burned for being in business in the first place.

What I saw from most women, especially the ones who weren't willing to give up on their dreams, was the inevitable burnout. Women (including myself) were taking course after course in hopes that it would be THE THING that made their businesses go viral. They thought that if they could master this one particular aspect of running their business, that they would be financially successful.

It was then that I had my AHA! moment. 

While building my own sex coaching practice, and at the same time working with female entrepreneurs, I tried something new. Instead of focusing on the masculine, linear and somewhat boring how-to's of business, I flipped the script.

My approach centers around the feminine, the art of receiving, allowing and the ability to channel sexual energy into creative, money-making business ideas.  

When I started aligning a woman's sexual energy with her creativity, finances and overall life force, a transformation occurred.

Women are more aligned with their life's work, earn more money and have greater self-respect. 

They showed up turned-on in business, life and bed!

as a female entrepreneur, you might be bumping up against some pretty common biz problems.

For example, are you...

Tired of working for less than ideal clients?

Secretly yearning to scale your business?

Attempting to build your professional brand?

On the verge of burnout (emotionally and financially)?

Maybe you've had it up to here with less than ideal clients and their unrealistic expectations, lack of respect and inability to pay on time.

Or maybe you are on the verge of losing it financially, staying up late at night wondering how you'll find time for another client yet still barely making ends meet as it is.

Or perhaps you’ve got a few loyal clients but feel like you are drowning in a sea of competitors, unaware of how to stand out and scale your beloved business.

If you’ve been nodding your head to any of the above scenarios, you aren’t alone! I promise you there is a way to make more money, find your ideal clients and do work you love without sacrificing your time, freedom or sanity.


It's time to bring the va-va-voom back to your business!


You once had a dream: to work from anywhere, be your own boss, set your own hours, and make some money while doing it. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, working a 9-5 or a wanderlusting global nomad at heart, creating a business was - and still is - a viable way to live life your way.

Thing is, you may feel inspired by your vision but for some reason aren’t living it.

You, my darling, are stuck.


"Stephanie's coaching was the single most important catalyst for my growth at a pivotal time in my business. I was able to bypass the burnout and blossom into a more confident woman with a business filled with possibility. I now work with clients that I LOVE. I stand my ground and value my time. I am clear about my desires. It feels good when I say NO. It feels great when I say YES." - Emily Powell


  • filling your sales funnel with ease
  • never worrying about where to find that next client
  • getting paid what you’re worth without a fight
  • feeling confident in your packages and skills
  • ideal clients clamoring to work with you
  • actually working from anywhere

The Answer?

Part business coach and part lifestyle advocate, I offer down-to-earth and easy to implement virtual business coaching on:

  • How sexual energy relates to making money
  • The difference between masculine and feminine business strategies
  • Cultivating feminine power in your business
  • Practices to get you more in touch with your sexual energy...and ultimately your creativity
  • Ways to ignite your Muse when you're feeling stuck
  • Unique insights into branding your business + skill set
  • Feminine principles of doing business related to long term value strategies, market relevancy and reducing client load while increasing monthly income
  • A more empowered approach to climbing the self-employed ladder
  • Handling burn out through self-care rituals
  • Bringing the va-va-voom back to your business!

What you'll receive:


✓ Six 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs, questions + concerns via phone or Skype over the course of two months. We'll be meeting for three consecutive weeks with the fourth used for implementation.

✓ If meeting by phone, a MP3 recording will be made available

✓ Unlimited email support between sessions

✓ Personalized action plans, advice and implementation strategies to get you feeling empowered + playful in how you show up in your business

✓15 day follow-up support via email after our last session together

total investment 

Pay in full $1,798 or two payments of $899 (USD)

Why should you hire me?

Because I've been there! I've worked for the worst and the best, the high-end and low-end. I've struggled to make rent one day, filling my client roster the next. I've navigated the waters of demanding clients, micro-managers and do-it-yourselfers. After over ten years of solopreneur experience I've learned the secrets and tricks to not only stay afloat in this business, but far exceed my financial + wellbeing expectations as well! Now I want to help YOU navigate those same turbulent waters without the same fear, worry and anxiety that plagued me for far too long. To read even more about my professional experience, check out the About page.



"Working with Stephanie has been an eye opening experience. I was stuck figuring out how to do business like everyone else. Felt like my lack of experience held me back. Her support and delicious personality helped me discover my own potential. Her blend of manifestation techniques and marketing strategies is refreshing and intelligent." - Melissa Matos

Ready to build a downright sexy business?

"I was embarking upon a new career as a Virtual Assistant and I desperate for guidance. Suddenly, after scouring the internet for groups, classes, workshops - Stephanie appeared and I never looked back. My three months with Stephanie guided me through every step of growing my business but more importantly, her coaching challenged me in ways I'd never been before - and I loved it! In turn, I was building confidence in myself as a business owner and falling madly in love with myself as an entrepreneur. Stephanie's loyalty, commitment, knowledge, confidence, spunk and sincerity are what drew me to her initially and what kept me coming back for more each and every week." - Jessica Gulley-Ward, Virtual Assistant


"Before working with Stephanie I wasn't working on building my business, I was just running my business. Stephanie help me build the confidence to have a voice to be heard in my industry." - Crystal Butler