I see it all the time, boring brands. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. These are the brands that lack life. They are somewhere in the middle of the pack, chugging along with their competitors. Every now and then they have a sale or a new product launch, but basically they are your dime-a-dozen brands. They don’t stand-out, they don’t gain market traction and their growth rate is minimal.

Boring brands compete in these areas: pricing, promotions, packaging, and product. If their competitor comes out with a new service that’s similar to theirs, they lower their prices. If a copycat product arrives on the market, they package theirs differently.

Boring brands are always chasing profit margins and the next sale. They rely on pushing product (or services) and lots of it! You may know of a boring brand or it may be your own brand that’s become a little too boring for your liking. If so, I’m about to show you how to add a little pizzazz to your business and get you out of what I call the Boring Brand Syndrome!

From Boring Brand to HOT DAMN!

If you’ve got a boring brand – or you’re afraid you of building a business that’s a total buzzkill – have no fear! There is hope. Today I’m going to outline how to bring a little life to your brand and get you seen, heard and making SALES.

I’ve been working my brand magic for over eight years in businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries. I’ve worked for New York Times best-selling authors, high-profile coaches, Silicon Valley start-ups, mom and pop shops, and personal brands galore. I’ve just about seen it all – from the brand bad to the brand fabulous.

When I decided to create this agency I knew that being a brand buzzkill was a primary problem many small brands face when just starting out. Whether you’re a one (wo)man personal brand, a small biz or a startup looking for seed funding, blending in versus standing out is a real problem.

Knowing how many wonderful, creative, innovative and dedicated individuals there are out there trying to make a difference, I knew this issue would be a hot topic for my clients. And boy, was I right!

So how do you go from boring brand to HOT DAMN?

Your Foolproof Brand Plan to Go From Boring to Buzzworthy in 4 Simple Steps


Or better said, get a personality! Your brand absolutely, 100% needs one. Your brand’s personality may be an extension of yours or it may take on a life of its own, either way a brand personality is essential for standing out.

Are you quirky and fun? Hip and innovative? Dark and moody? Mysterious and feminine? Driven and minimalist? Your brand’s personality will provide your customers and raving, loyal fans with something they can relate to. You’ll be where they turn when they need a brand to just get them.

(And if you are totally new to brand personalities – ahem – then can I recommend a BrandType Analysis? I’ll break down your brand’s personality for you and help you build a brand around your primary values.)


A brand without a story is a total buzzkill. Plan and simple. Their that Debbie Downer friend that never seems to get ahead in life.

A brand story, my friends, is the lifeline to a business full of life, energy and buzz-tastic content. Story drives your business in all directions. Without story you become the boring brand we despise so much, the brand reliant on lowering its prices, buying pop-up ads or relying on sleazy marketing tactics to one-up the competition in the short-term.

Story is where you breathe life into your brand. So what’s yours?


Have a cause. Care. Be the opposition. Have an opinion. Boring brands don’t do this. Instead, they shrink back, play politically correct and avert their eyes when the going gets tough.

The best brands, while built on story, are also built on a strong opinion.

And they are willing to share – and continually stand behind – that strong opinion. Because guess what? You can’t please everyone. Your niche, the ones who will look to you first because they resonate with what you are up to, want you to stand for something! They want you to care.

So whether that’s a cause, or an opinion, or a charity….stand for it! And stand strong.


100 widgets. 50 blog posts. 20 interviews.

Yea, numbers matter but not as much as the quality of the content you are churning out. If you write one phenomenal blog or article per week, how does that stand up against an article a day that’s less defined and well-thought out?

If you sell 100 widgets but maybe two are your best-sellers, is it worth it to diversify or perhaps shut down the other 98 and focus to make those two extra special?

Yes, there are some videos that lack quality that go viral but you know what? Those are the one hit wonders.

The heavy hitters in your industry? They go viral – consistently – by creating quality products, services and content that is relevant, effective and needed. And you can too.


It's time to stand out and make the money,
meaning and impact you know you are capable of.

Download the Brand Story Blueprint to get started with story today!

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