The best businesses have a story to tell. What’s yours?

Hey there, I’m Stephanie

Founder of BrandPsyche Strategies and creator of the Signature Story Method™, I help ambitious business owners get seen and heard through the power of brand storytelling.

I know how frustrating it can be to build a business you love but no one else seems to notice, or worse, buy. I know you want to generate massive impact, make more meaning or be of greater service. You simply need to be seen.

That’s why I created this company.

My Mission

To elevate, empower + inspire you
to reach your full professional potential, stand out and
financially succeed in this thing called business.

Together we’ll build a powerful brand with an unforgettable story through the strategic art of brand storytelling.

Before there was success there were a whole lotta missteps…

I walked big-eyed into my first post-college advertising job and promptly walked right back out. Realizing almost immediately that corporate life was not my life, I set about discovering how to make money on my terms.

It’s sounds bold (it was) but it definitely wasn’t easy.

What no one tells you when you’re just starting out is that pivoting is inevitable, if you build it they probably won’t come, and wearing all the hats spells burnout.

After several attempts and a few thousand dollars sunk into courses, programs and masterminds (not to mention the time + energy it takes to make ends meet along the way), I finally cracked the code to my version of success.

Fast forward nearly 10 years later and I’ve lived in seven countries on four continents while working a business with a waitlist of clients doing what I really love: helping fellow dreamers + doers earn more money, leave a legacy and be the heroine of their stories.

If you…

  • Identify as female or
  • Sell your product or services to women and
  • Have a burning passion for your business and more importantly
  • Can see yourself making multiple six figures and finally…
  • Need to amplify your online presence without annoying your potential customers along the way with sleazy strategies or manipulative marketing ploys…

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re ready to scale or you’re just starting out, I’ve worked with coaches, consultants and former corporate ladder climbers, perfecting the Signature Story Method™ so you can make your business wildly successful.

I believe…

  • Every business has a story to tell
  • That women’s stories will save the world
  • There’s a better way to get the word out about your business (you just don’t know about it yet!)

Most importantly, I trust…

  • That every woman has the right to be her own boss
  • Make her own rules
  • And build a career she can be proud of
  • Without having to sacrifice travel, adventure, family or any other meaningful activities she enjoys along the way.

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— Jill Chmielewski, Aenean cursus dignissim erat vitae commodo

Fun Things to Know About Me

  • I have lived in six countries, on four continents, in less than seven years
  • I have two beautiful, sassy and hilarious little girls (#momlife represent!)
  • With a MA in Media Psychology and a Ph.D. in the works, I’m slightly obsessed with the topics of media, brand storytelling + all things psychology
  • There’s an actual name for my real life book hoarding addiction…tsundoku
  • I eat dessert first (drives my husband crazy)
  • Post-it notes are this girl’s very best friends
  • I once drove from France to Germany for a great plate of Mexican food (because yes, I love tacos THAT MUCH)

Are you ready to get started?

Short Bio

Stephanie Jiroch is a Communications Expert & Chief Story Strategist at BrandPsyche Strategies, a boutique marketing agency dedicated to building powerful brands with unforgettable stories. Creator of the Signature Story Method™, she’s a leading expert in Media Psychology practices as well as an advocate for empowerment marketing methods and sleaze-free sales strategies. When she’s not working with women on a mission to make the world a better place, you can find her playing dress-up with her daughters or hitting up her favorite SoulCycle class. Learn more and connect with Stephanie at her website, LinkedIn or Instagram.